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On Campus Programmes

  • Accounting, Banking and Finance (BSc)
  • Applied Computer Science (BSc)
  • Architecture (BArch & DipArch)
  • Business Administration (BSc)
  • Civil Engineering (BSc)
  • Digital Business (BSc)
  • English Law (LLB)
  • International Relations & Security (BSc)
  • Real Estate Valuation and Development (BSc)
  • Accounting and Finance (MSc)
  • Banking, Investment and Finance (MSc)
  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Business Administration in Shipping (MBA)
  • Business Administration in Tourism (MBA)
  • Digital Marketing (MSc)
  • Digital Video Production (MA)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Sustainability Management (MSc)
  • European Politics and Governance (MSc)
  • Financial Crime and Criminal Justice (MA)
  • Information Systems and Digital Innovation (MSc)
  • International Relations, Strategy and Security (MSc)
  • International and European Business Law (LLM)
  • Real Estate (MSc)
  • Structural Robustness for Extreme Loading Conditions (MSc)

Distance Learning Programmes

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Business Administration in Tourism (MBA)
  • Digital Marketing (MSc)
  • European Politics and Governance (MSc)
  • Information Systems and Digital Innovation (MSc)
  • International and European Business Law (LLM)
  • International Relations, Strategy and Security (MSc)

Benefits of Studying in Cyprus

  • European Accreditation
  • Affordable tuition fees and generous scholarships
  • Quality accommondation and easy access to amenities
  • European Job Experience: we provide connections to the local and EU job market
  • Live by the sea and enjoy 320 sunny days a year
  • Safety: one of the cities with the lowest crime in the world
  • Trouble-free visa processes
  • Easy Transportation

Testimonials of students from Neapolis University

Ruth Osita Ogbu

“Continues quest for knowledge leads one to a world of improvement, achievement and success. This has been my encounter with Neapolis University Paphos. It is a university of
qualitative research that has given me the opportunity through digital video production to connect and expand my scope beyond expectations. It's unique way of bridging the gap
between classroom learning and real-world application is rare and plausible. NUP has not just provided a conducive platform for me alone but for diverse students who they
have whole heartedly accommodate. Their Able, patient and efficient lecturers are always willing to assist effortlessly by leading students from the dark valley of ignorance to
the heights of learning and glory. With their caring disposition and teaching lifestyle, I have been able to engage in practical activities related to my program of study. I would
gladly assert that my experience in NUP has really been a challenging and fulfilling one. .”

- From: Nigeria - MA in Digital Video Production

Solomon Aiyelabola

“It's been a great experience so far studying at NUP. The professors and other faculty members are incredibly friendly and have been helpful in integrating me into a new
academic environment. The course module for my MBA program has a good structure and it enables me to have a practical experience with the business world. The school
provides adequate learning resources that give every student a chance to succeed. I am glad that I am undertaking my MBA at Neapolis University Pafos.”

- From: Nigeria - MBA

Charis Adaugo

“My decision was to pursue a degree that would not only advance my academic knowledge but also add value to my professional experience. This was what my postgraduate
degree at NUP offered. The learning experience was phenomenal. I was able to connect with other professionals and the academic instructors with their wealth of experience
displayed enthusiasm and interest in my growth and overall success. The instructors in each course were patient, understanding, and highly skilled. I would highly recommend
this program to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge. The introduction of modern analytical tools broadened my knowledge of data analysis and practical application in
the financial industry. This program did come with its challenges as my personal capabilities and commitments were tested but I believe it was all part of the process of
modeling a seasoned financial investor.”

- From: Nigeria - MSc in Banking, Investment, and Finance

Oluwafemi Aderinto

“My experience at Neapolis University Paphos was not only memorable but remarkable. Academic activities, though rigorous, took learning activities beyond classroom by
infusing a sneak peek into practical experience. I had the opportunity of interacting with leaders and experts in my field and attended several forums organized by DMI
where practical skills were honed, and contemporary topics were discussed. My professors with vast knowledge and exceptional delivery took on mentorship roles and their
warm guidance were vital during my research on channel agnostic and omnichannel customer experience. Overall, I believe the knowledge I have acquired is invaluable
in my preparation towards my contribution to the academic circle and taking up relevant career roles.”

- From: Nigeria - MSc Digital Marketing